Beautiful Things About Rugs Canada

Things To Consider Before Buy Rugs Canada Online For Your Home Decoration

Part of our daily work with clients is guiding them to the right rug and making sure the rug meets all their needs. How do we get traffic, how to get traffic, and what kind of impact you want to provide for the rug room? Such as heating it, make it look bigger, work as a focal point, or in one place, How to work with multiple rugs Canada.

Here we share some of our most popular tips.

Tip-1: Color:

Dark colored objects appear small and light colors, on the contrary, objects or spaces are large. If your space is low, then use the light colored contemporary rugs and colorful area rugs Canada to show more detail in your room.

Many people hang on color matching, get accurate shadow match. Perhaps this is the most common disappointment. The colors should not match exactly. The Golden Rule – Stick with the same color and it will all work perfectly. Think of a rose bed; The color of all the roses does not match – In fact, there is hundreds of colors in a rose bush – different leaves in the leaves, Color upgrades in petals. Color problems are minimal.

Tip-2: Rug Size:

For most people, number one mistake is getting a rug, which is too small, the rug and carpet room crossing the edges of furniture can look bigger. We have to say that any rug shape and size can work, but some outdoor rugs Canada are very small. A small mistake is seen in a big way at all. The area rug depends on it to determine the ground.

Tip-3: Mixing Rugs:

The mixing modern rugs Canada can be easy, however, unlike matching your area rugs with colors on a wall, if your color will slip the easiest way to stay with the same color palette is to change the design, but also with a natural rug. Can start and work from there. If you want to go bold then do it! Just be careful about the carpet style.

Same Rug in One Room: Regarding the same rug, but different sizes in a room, the simple response you can make! We are big believers for what you like, work for you! You can add one room to the same rug and bring it together.

It’s like adding plants to your space, however, If you do this I combine the color scheme in each area. Do not copy and paste a copy of the colors of your room in your dining rooms. Put a different flare at every place! But in the end, what sounds best for you! This is your place and you have to love it!

Tip-4: Warm Up Your Space:

An area rug is one of those details that “ends up” the decor of your room. It can also help to soften or soften hard surfaces like wood and tile floors, which can be felt from the bottom and can feel cold down. Especially the long hallways which can appear cavernous.

Tip-5: Rug Material:

The most popular materials used in the Moroccan Rugs, Tribal Rugs, Persian Rugs and living room rugs Canada are wool, but there is also a large market share in terms of synthetic and viscose. Many people come to ask what content they should choose and for us, the answer is always wool, however, due to the high value of wool, Viscose is used as a replacement of silk compared to synthetics. Feels like silk but gives it like wool. It also has the advantage of being a bit easier in your pocketbook, but keep in mind, nothing really beats silk. We have a huge collection of wool area rugs, silk rugs, synthetic rugs and other materials also.

Tip-6: Shopping:

Bring your fabric samples, paint chips and flooring (carpeting, hardwood flooring, tile, etc.) to coordinate the right look. Also, create a private pinboard on your smartphone, a photo album or Pinterest pinboard, where you can store your home decor photos, close-up windows, room details, furniture and more. In this way wherever you go, you will have your home with you. Embracing an impulsive purchase that does not fit with your vision.

And, it is very important, measure everything in your place and keep a list of those measurements all the time. Include chair elevations, window frames, doors, room sizes, and pieces of furniture or accessories, such as mirrors or painting.

Tip-7: Bonus Tip:

Saturate your mind with images of interiors and colorful stories that are excited about you. “Elsie Larsen of Red Velvet says

Lastly, do not be careful to ask a lot of questions while shopping area rugs online, our team is knowledgeable and ready to answer any questions you have. Our goal is to help you make your home beautiful, comfortable and something that you can make proud of for your family and friends.

So visit our Online Home Store, Rugsville Premier Home Decor Store in Canada. Here you will find the large selection of area rugs for sale online and offline at discount price.


Persian Rugs Made For Authentic Royal Look

Explore The Beauty Inside Hand Knotted Persian Rugs

Persian rugs beautifully designed and originally woven in Iran. Filled with patterns and symbols. These living room carpet were representatives of various local tribes, traditions and rich history of Iran and its people. Today, the people can’t use these rugs to celebrate only a unique cultural tradition, raise living room or bedroom. Here’s how you can use Persian rugs in your designs theme. Through this blog, we will explore whole the beauty of Persian rugs. We will also share some tips to make your home improvement easy with Persian area rugs Canada.


Persian Rugs On Modern Theme

Persian rugs and Carpet can look great with a modern design theme. Focus on the sound of the room and bring the living room carpet on the basis of those factors. Madeline Persian indoor-outdoor rugs can be very good against the grey background of walls, hardwood floors, and other wooden furniture pieces. Complement the awesome look even further soft, slightly pastel coloured couches and furniture. If you are in search of the best collection of modern style Persian rugs Canada then you should Visit Rugsville. Here you will find indoor-outdoor rugs collection of Persian Style crafted by following hand-knotting technique.


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Unique Complementary Colour

Make a unique colour palette within a room by offset. The main colours of your Persian rugs with supplement colours and select the rug with pink and red colour to play sky blue walls or vice versa. Ziegler Persian area rugs Canada are perfect for a complementary colour scheme to look great. The best way to add a little diversity to the all-white room the interestingly designed living room rugs. Maren and Freda Persian Tribal Indoor- Outdoor Rugs can bring a slightly moodier vibe to a pristinely white room of your home. With this method, you can add a unique level of contrast to a living room. That will instantly step up your interior design game. If you visit our store, you will find best quality Contemporary Persian rugs for sale. So, don’t wait and grab offer Hurry.

Persian Rugs According to Room Scheme

Make the flooring your centrepiece by adding your interior design theme around it. You can do this by selecting colours, furniture and home accessories will play off of the indoor-outdoor rugs patterns and colours. Buy Rugs online like the Maren Persian Rugs to get you started. How to decorate your living space using Persian rugs Toronto? We hope you get inspired to switch up your design theme with these beautiful and timeless area rugs online Canada.

Everyone loves to decorate their home beautifully, you must be one of them. So, If you want to buy then you should Visit Our Online Home Store. Here you will find the great collection of Persian, Modern, Tribal, Shag rugs Canada, etc. Also, In many style and patterns and you can get these at best price under our floor carpet and rugs for sale from our store.

Fantastic Spring Decorating Ideas For Home Decor

Spring Interior Design

How to Decorate for Spring: Decorating Ideas for Your Home Decor

Spring is the most colorful and attractive is just about to corner and this is the time to fold your quilt and remove your heavy curtain and give a refreshing touch to your place. you can enjoy your interior decor by changing the entire look.To Change the entire look of your home, do you know that what is the main aspect? Yes, it is a color combination. Colors are the main aspects which can change the look and your mind as well. You don’t know but color combination of your home effects on your mood and lifestyle. Every color has its own feature. The sun sparkles, warm daylight comes through your windows, its springtime. So fold your warm clothes, handmade rugs and open your window and welcome to the new season by decorating your home with the latest color trends for the spring.

Spring Interior Design

Features of color:

  • Vibrant red color: This color is the symbol of energy. If you like to use this color for your room then it will encourage you.
  • White Color: This color is suitable for the small room and according to my point of view, this color is ideal for the summer season because it also reflects heat from inside to outside.
  • Blue Color: Blue color represents calm touch and it will create a relaxing atmosphere. So this is ideal for living room and bedroom as well.
  • Pink Color: This color represents love and understanding. So use this color if you want to give a loving atmosphere to your family.
  • Violet color: If you like this color it means you are a trustworthy person with a pure heart.

Best color combination for spring:

Now find the best color combinations which you can use for this spring season.

  • Primrose Yellow: Primrose yellow is known as one of the featured colors in Spring color report and you love to use it because it exudes Spring feelings and warm weather touch. It’s also an excellent accent color, perfect to use in small details that will surely make your home design pop. You can use the hue of green color with it.
  • Light blue with ivory: For giving a calm touch you can use this color combination. This color combination is most suitable for the bedroom because the bedroom is a place where we spend the third of our life. This is the place for relaxing and thinking. Use the light blue or sky blue color for the wall and place the same color sofa in your room. You can use ivory and blue color combination handmade area rug for your home.
  • Aqua and beige color combination: This is also the latest color trends so you can try this color for your home this spring. Paint of wall in beige color and hang a curtain and place a wool carpet in aqua color. Place furniture in beige color. It will give a contemporary look to your home.

So, this spring try the above color combination this spring and give an outstanding look to your decor.

Effective Interior Design Ideas For Spring

• Clean out the clutter by getting rid of the rubbish accumulated over the last few months in your garden or backyard. Clear your backyard and the open terrace in front of your house. Beautify them with beautiful green plants. Open up the drapes. Let some sunshine and fresh air come into the rooms. Remove all the extra stuff lying around.

• Clean up your doorsteps. Replace your old worn out mats with virgin coco mats. Go Green with some fresh plants, and shrubs. A set of colorful blooms will do all the good. Remove the old, sick and dusty plants. Prone your greenery regularly to give them symmetrical shapes.

• Spring is the season of colors and you need to do some justice to the time by opting for as much color as possible. The recommended spring colors that you can try out are lemon yellow, mandarin orange, aqua blues, aqua tinctured, blushing pink, bottle green, dark purple, smoky grey, and light golden brown. Uplift the look of the interiors of your house by placing some colorful flower plants at some certain points.

• Take care of your floor and redo your spring rugs. You can get an attractive carpet of bright and contrasting colors, which will ‘go’ with the colors of your furniture, wood panels, curtains and other accessories. It will help you create an impressive ambiance.

• Check your accessories and wall decor. Look around your room. See if there is any need of revamping or refurbishing. If yes, then opt for some innovative wallpapers and clever paintings. However, you need to maintain a balance. Do not overcrowd the rooms with paintings or photographs. Bring some changes in the accessories to give your home a different look.

Ultimate Guide on How to Clean and Maintain Your Area Rug

how to clean an area rug

The Complete Guide to Clean and Maintain Your Area Rug

Seasonal changes, dust, spills, and other nuisances can spoil the look of a carpet. Rugs intend to become dirty, if not maintained well. These may even go through wear and tear. Therefore, along with cleaning tips, basic care suggestions for rugs and carpet are mentioned below. Adhering to this advice can keep carpet spick and span.

how to clean an area rug

1) Vacuuming Cleaning

To keep dust and dirt at bay, one of the common techniques is to vacuum carpets. You may resort to this method every week. Vacuum the backside as well as the surface of your carpet well. Move the cleaner in the direction of the pile to save the yarn and fringes from being ruffled. You can even use the vacuum cleaner over rug pads.

2) Spot And Stain Cleaning

Blot leaks and spills immediately. Utilize soft and clean cotton cloth to blot the spills. Use certified and recommended cleaning agents to dim stains. Baking soda dissolved in lime water can act as an active agent to clean natural carpet spots and stains. Avoid chemical applicants as much as possible. Buy cleaning products that suit the material and dye used in carpet.

3) Scrubbing And Washing

Washing carpets can be done manually with hands or professionally. Not all carpets should be treated with water. Some of these may require dry cleaning. If a small part of our rug is dirty, you can scrub that spot with cleaning agents using a gentle brush. Regular washing of carpets will help to remove superficial dirt and dust.

4) Removal Of Pests

Pests may infest natural carpets more than the synthetic ones. Wool carpets are susceptible to moths while wood and bamboo ones can suffer from termites. Rats, cockroaches, bugs and other pests can chew carpets. Some of the pests may hide in the backing of your rug or latch in between strands. Vacuuming, washing, pest control, pest resisting pellets and regular cleaning of the rug can remove and prevent such hassles.

5) Beating Carpets

Another simple way to clean large area rugs is to beat them to get rid of dust. Many homeowners and even professional cleaner may choose this carpet cleaning method. Hang your rug on a rope or rod. You may utilize a stick or strong object that you can hold to beat the backing and surface of the carpet. Loose dust and dirt particles can fall out easily by this technique.

6) Steam Cleaning

This is one of the popular techniques for cleaning large area rugs. If you are not sure on how to use a steam cleaner, you may consider professional help. Fill the steam cleaner unit with cleaning solution and hot water. Set the temperature and auto-steaming timer. Roll the cleaner efficiently on the carpet surface and see how the foam of cleaning solutions cleanses away the rugs by itself. The steam cleaner can also dry the carpet well.

7) Getting Rid Of Stubborn Particles

Mud, food chunks, cigarette butts and other particles may sometimes lodge in rug yarn, edges, fringes, and backing. After vacuuming and washing, sometimes these particles may still stay. Use of bristle brush and soft scraper can help remove such stubborn particles away from the carpet. This process maybe times consuming but is worth the effort.

8) Eradicating Scars, Burns And More

Cigarette burn and fireplace sooth and fuel can harm rugs. These can leave the carpet surface scarred and bear the burn marks. One of the ways to remove burns is to cut out or scrape away the burnt area and fix new fabric here. Sometimes repainting, and cleaning the scars with specific agents can blur such scars.

Prevent Rugs From Getting Dirty

1) Choosing According to Areas

For low traffic areas, silk, cotton and leather carpets can be perfect. In high traffic areas, you can utilize coir, jute, polyester and wool rugs. Wood, seagrass and bamboo carpets are great for moderate traffic areas. If you choose the right material rug for a specific area, it will keep the carpet protected from irks that may affect when placed in unsuitable areas.

2) Packing and Storage

When planning to store carpets, roll them in suitable packing materials. Install stink and pest resistant pellets. Stock away the carpets in an area that is devoid of dampness and wetness. Do not keep the carpets exposed to harsh sunlight. Instead, place them in a space, which is dry yet not too hot. This method will ensure the carpets to remain clean even when not in use.

3) Stop Bleeding of Dyes

Carpets may sometimes bleed of dyes. Bleeding dyes may create smudge marks on the surface and seep into the backing of your rug. Such an adversary can take place when wrong cleaning method is used. So, be careful to read the instructions regarding rug cleaning of your carpet before undertaking any technique. Blotting dyes when they leak and repainting the carpet in times can be some of the preventive measures.

4) Rotate Carpets

To prevent scars and dent marks in carpets, shift the furniture on the rug to another place. Another way is to rotate the carpet itself so that dust marks do not collect on the surface.

The above-mentioned tips describe the different cleaning techniques for carpets. Added measures to prevent dirtying of rugs will also help to keep them clean.

Modern & Contemporary Southwestern Area Rugs – Rugsville Canada

What You Need to Know About Southwestern Area Rugs

These days, interior design is less about having a home that looks straight and more about putting your personal touch on a space. With all the online stores and markets out there, collecting the pieces to make a style statement for both markets! The result is spaces that combine unique vintage finds for a completely fresh and modern effect.

If you’re on the hunt for floor coverings that complement your vintage modern decor, look no further than Southwestern rugs! The subtle patterns act as a neutral–tying together a collection of inclusive furnishings–and concurrently bring their own flavor to the mix. Flatweave construction adds quiet texture, while a diverse range of palettes suits any situation. The beauty and versatility of a Southwestern rug will set the tone for a space as unique as you!

Discovering: Southwestern Area Rugs

The term “Southwestern Rugs” refers to major types of decorative rugs on the market: authentic modern Southwestern themed rugs. Both are beautiful and look great with many types of rustic or contemporary decor, offering great flexibility in price and style.

  • They are usually hand-woven using techniques mastered centuries ago. Many rug buyers enjoy collecting Southwestern Area Rugs that have been crafted by famous rug artists, or by specific tribes.
  • Southwestern rugs can be used as wall decor or placed on the floor. Since they’re handcrafted, they can run at the higher prices.
  • Contemporary Southwestern rugs use delightful Southwestern motifs, colors, designs, and symbols. These rugs are often crafted overseas.
  • They offer incredible versatility, a stunning range of traditional (and newer) color schemes, and they’re softer on the pocketbook.
  • You’ll find the traditional block and line prints, mesas, helixes, and scores of other Indian designs, worked gracefully into rugs of wool, cotton, nylon, olefin, and polyester.
  • Many contemporary Southwestern Rugs intermingle Western American motifs into the work, including Meso-American tribal themes, New Mexico, Arizona, and Tex-Mex style icons, and slick contemporary colors like teal, terra cotta, and turquoise.

Look For The Popular Southwestern Rugs For Sale?

These southwestern rugs have designs which have considerable Native American, New Mexico, Mexican, and Zapotec influences. That way you will see them having such distinct and immediately recognizable colors, motifs, and designs in general. There are so many southwestern rugs for sale today that you can get one no matter where you are living in at the moment.

These handmade pieces draw on southwestern figures, themes, and colors, either bright or subtle desert tones. They are visually appealing and can add a really nice touch to any home. Secondly, you don’t have to have a room full of southwestern furniture to be able to enjoy such a rug. These pieces look good complemented by other southwestern furniture pieces, or used with other more contemporary furniture. Either way, you will have a rustic look that is a much-loved addition to any type of home.

Southwestern Area Rugs – Cleaning Tips

  • Vacuum your rugs three times a week using a vacuum cleaner with a HEPA (high-efficiency particulate) filter.
  • Remove stains and spills as promptly as possible. This is best achieved with Chem-Dry Professional Strength Spot Remover. Remove as much excess as possible, then apply and blot with a clean white cloth. DO NOT rub the spot as this might grind the stain in further.
  • Have your rugs cleaned and protected at least twice a year, or more often if you have children or pets.
  • Utilize a rug Protectant and Sanitizer to ensure the stain protection continues after the initial factory solution wears.

Give a Luxury Touch to Your Home with Antique Persian Heriz Rug

ADD Antique Persian Heriz Rugs in Modern Interior Decor


Home Decoration With Antique Persian Heriz Rugs

The patterns and classic design of Heriz rugs can add timeless sophistication to any home decor. Complimenting every style, from traditional elegance to modern, Persian Heriz rugs have been known to be the most versatile decorative rugs. Produced in the Heriz area in northwest Iran, traditional handwoven by village artisans. These highly skilled rug weavers recreated the time-honored bold, geometric rug design that has been used for centuries.

Persian Heriz Rugs

Though Persian rugs can elevate any room’s interior decor with luxury, they’re amazingly durable and hard wearing. Some argue that is because Northwest Persian Heriz area is near a sizable copper deposit and traces of copper of the sheep make Heriz wool. Heriz rugs are known for maintaining the looks with constant use and many Heriz rugs in use today is antiques that passed down from generation to generation.

ADD Persian Heriz Rugs In Your Interior

Persian rugs combine unique in designs the craftsmanship of tribal rug weavers with the precision of urban rug. Resulting in a vibrant and colorful style that is as much at home in the comfort of today’s homes. Heriz rugs typically feature an intricate medallion motif on a field of red or another rich color with corner pieces and other decoration in gold, white, and other complementary colors.

Heriz rugs have the visual gravity to make them the ideal foundation for even the most formal rooms, but their appeal isn’t limited to the traditionally decorated area. Their style, color, and durability make them amazingly versatile additions that work perfectly with modern decor.

Antique Persian Heriz Rugs In Reading And Conversation Areas

The hand knotting technique used in making Heriz rugs creates a lush, dense pile that feels delightful underfoot. This makes decorating with antique Persian Heriz rugs ideal for libraries, music, reading, conversation areas, or any space. The classic rug style and rich jewel tone colors work well with a masculine decoration. They add vibrancy to a gentle without being “too soft” and creating a peaceful retreat for relaxing with a good book.

But while suitable for amazing spaces, these rugs work equally well for almost any interior. A Persian Heriz area rug can be the perfect addition to a sitting room where you and your guests enjoy a drink before dinner. Persian Heriz rugs will provide an air of quiet luxury that sets everyone at ease.


Add A Touch Of Elegance with Persian Heriz Rugs 

The rich yet quiet tones of Heriz rugs go so well with wood, stone, and other metals. This makes them an excellent choice for adding a touch of tradition to livings and dining rooms. The understated elegance of the design, the luxurious colors set off the other furnishings in a room. A Heriz rug creates an atmosphere of timeless in a traditional dining room, while it can add a luxury to a bedroom just as easily. And whether your living room is furnished with genuine antiques or the ultimate in ultra-modern minimalism, starting the decorating process with antique Persian Heriz rugs as the foundation of your decor will help coordinate everything else in the room for a relaxing, and well-put-together look.

Our Biggest Women’s Day Sale 2018 –

Grab Women’s Day Sale On All Type Home Decor product Online

March 8 is an extremely significant date. This is the day celebrating the contribution and rights of women towards society as a whole in 1975. Since then, International Women’s day has been a day for celebrating the contributions of the women.


There is absolutely no man in this world who can claim that he can live his life without the help, caring and contribution of his wife, daughter, mother or any other role that the various women in our lives take part in. This Women’s day, let us make the women in our lives feel special with gifts they will never forget for a lifetime, with the best home décor product because women love to make their home more beautiful and attractive.

It’s the thought that you put in your gift, not the gift itself

At Rugsville, we help gift the women in your lives a gift they will forever cherish, a gift which will remain close to their heart and one will appreciate whether she is your mother, sister, wife or friend. A personalized gift for your women can motivate them to perform better in their role and make them feel special for the often unappreciated work they do.

International Women’s Day Gifting Ideas by Rugsville

  1. Vases and Planters

A vase or a planter can make any empty space look glamorous with its charm and elegance. If the person you are intending to gift has been the right vase or planter for her house or office for quite some time and has been unsuccessful till now, here is your chance to help her out in your best possible way. You can choose from Rugsville collection of Vases or planters.

  1. Home Decor

Wall Decor, showpieces, wall mirror, and statues are some of the most popular items if you want to gift the conventional way, especially gifting for corporates. With paintings home decor items available at Rugsville, you give something truly special to the women in your life.

  1. Bookends

This Women’s Day, gift the most important women in your lives – the one organizer of books that will give any room an extra touch besides helping to sort the various bookends.

  1. Personalized Gifting

As mentioned earlier, women appreciate the act of being gifted, not the value of the gift. With Rugsville, you have many options- you can capture any special memory of yours in your hands-almost literally! You can send us your favorite photo with your lady love or other pattern and we can make Pillows, personalized Area Rugs, lamps or night bulbs with it.